The Secretary of Science, Art and Technology of the UNICEN proposes to maintain, improve and enlarge the physical and human structures for the scientific technological activities, seen as clue factors for the socio-economical and cultural development of the region where the University is placed. For that, it is necessary to reinforce energetically a relationship with the regional, national and international scenario, especially with the sectors which produce goods and services.
It is worth stating that at present, the National University of the Center of the Buenos Aires Province has 32 nuclei of scientific and technological activities in which 642 researchers and 208 investigation scholars participate.

Research Centers - Areas

  • Administration
  • Agrarian and Forest Technology
  • Art
  • Biological and Animal Health Sciences
  • Earth and Hydro-Atmospheric Science
  • Energy, mining, mechanical and materials Technology
  • Environmental Technology
  • Food Technology
  • Human Sciences
  • Information, Communications and Electronic Technologies
  • Physical and Mathematical Sciences
  • Social Sciences

Research Centers


Agrarian and Forest Technology

  • Center for Integrated Research in Sustainable Agronomy Systems
    Tel.: (54) (02281) 433291/92/93
    rogers [at] faa [dot] unicen [dot] edu [dot] ar


  • Drama Research Center
    Tel.: (54) (0249) 4429133
    cid [at] arte [dot] unicen [dot] edu [dot] ar | jcata [at] arte [dot] unicen [dot] edu [dot] ar
  • Center for Theater Studies and Cultural Consumptions
    Tel.: (54) (0249) 4422063
    msanta [at] arte [dot] unicen [dot] edu [dot] ar |

Biological and Animal Health Sciences

  • Unit for Research in Veterinary Physiopathology and Pharmacology
    Tel.: (54) (0249) 4439850
    auza [at] rec [dot] unicen [dot] edu [dot] ar |
  • Group of Biology Research
    Tel.: (54) (0249) 439850 int 234
    ralzola [at] vet [dot] unicen [dot] edu [dot] ar
  • Animal Health and Prevention Medicine
    Tel.: (54) (0249) 4439850
    psoto [at] vet [dot] unicen [dot] edu [dot] ar
  • Veterinary Animal Production
    Tel.: (54) (0249) 4439850
    adick [at] vet [dot] unicen [dot] edu [dot] ar

Earth and Hydro-Atmospheric Science

• Plains Hydrology Institute
Tel.: (54) (02281) 432666
lvives [at] faa [dot] unicen [dot] edu [dot] ar

Energy, mining, mechanical and materials Technology

• Material Physics Institute of Tandil
Tel.: (54) (02293) 439670
ofornaro [at] exa [dot] unicen [dot] edu [dot] ar

• Magnetized Dense Plasmas
Tel.: (54) (02293) 439690
clausse [at] exa [dot] unicen [dot] edu [dot] ar

Environmental Technology

• Natural Resources, Eco-diversity and Agro-ecology
Tel.: (54) (02281) 433291/92/93 interno 226
spazos [at] faa [dot] unicen [dot] edu [dot] ar | renea [at] faa [dot] unicen [dot] edu [dot] ar

• Multidisciplinary Institute of Ecosystems and Sustainable Development
Tel.: (54) (02293) 439695
canziani [at] exa [dot] unicen [dot] edu [dot] ar


• Research Center for Environmental Studies
Tel.: (54) (02293) 439751/52/58
marguerr [at] fch [dot] unicen [dot] edu [dot] ar

Food Technology

• Regional Center for the Systemic Study of Agri-food Chains
Tel.: (54) (02281) 433291
amc [at] faa [dot] unicen [dot] edu [dot] ar | infocresca [at] faa [dot] unicen [dot] edu [dot] ar

• Seed Technology
Tel.: (54) (02293) 451055/56
snolasco [at] fio [dot] unicen [dot] edu [dot] ar


Human Sciences

• Research Group in Experimental Sciences Didactics
Tel.: (54) (02284) 451055/56
arocha [at] fio [dot] unicen [dot] edu [dot] ar

• Research Unit in Educational and Social Studies
Tel.: (54) (02293) 439750
nees [at] fch [dot] unicen [dot] edu [dot] ar | acorba [at] fch [dot] unicen [dot] edu [dot] ar

• Research Unit in Science and Technology Education
Tel.: (54) (02293) 439653
rotero [at] exa [dot] unicen [dot] edu [dot] ar

Information, Communications and Electronic Technologies

• Research Institute in Advanced Information Technology
Tel.: (54) (02293) 439680
nacosta [at] exa [dot] unicen [dot] edu [dot] ar

• Systems Research Institute of Tandil
Tel.: (54) (02293) 439682
mcampo [at] exa [dot] unicen [dot] edu [dot] ar

• Technology Research in Electricity and Mechatronics
Tel.: (54) (02284) 451055/56
ggacosta [at] fio [dot] unicen [dot] edu [dot] ar

Physical and Mathematical Sciences

• “Arroyo Seco” Institute of Physics
Tel.: (54) (02293) 439660
ifas [at] exa [dot] unicen [dot] edu [dot] ar | gbertucc [at] exa [dot] unicen [dot] edu [dot] ar

• Consolidated Research Unit of Pure and Applied Mathematics
Tel.: (54) (02293) 439688 interno 400
maguirre [at] exa [dot] unicen [dot] edu [dot] ar


Social Sciences

• Center of Geography Research
Tel.: (54) (02293) 439750-interno 207,208 y 209
gvelaz [at] fch [dot] unicen [dot] edu [dot] ar

• Center for Latin America Social Studies
Tel.: (54) (02293) 439950
areguera [at] ciudad [dot] com [dot] ar | gnogar [at] fch [dot] unicen [dot] edu [dot] ar

• “Pampeano” Quaternary Archaeological and Paleontological Research
Tel.: (54) (02284) 450115/450331
gpolitis [at] soc [dot] unicen [dot] edu [dot] ar | incuapa [at] soc [dot] unicen [dot] edu [dot] ar

• “Prof. Juan Carlos Grosso” Institute of Historical and Social Studies
Tel.: (54) (02293) 445683
mespin [at] speedy [dot] com [dot] ar | iehs [at] fch [dot] unicen [dot] edu [dot] ar

• Regional Research Unit for Socio-cultural Studies
Tel.: (54) (02284) 450115-450115 interno 316 y 318
avillafa [at] soc [dot] unicen [dot] edu [dot] ar | info [at] nures [dot] org [dot] ar | rringel [at] soc [dot] unicen [dot] edu [dot] ar

• Interdisciplinary Study Center in International and Local Problematics.
Tel.: (54) (02293) 42-2000 Int. 193
ceipil [at] hotmail [dot] com