This University, characterized by its cultural diversity, is devoted to the development of citizenship and the growth of social capital.
The cultural policy of the UNICEN tends not only to foster a full range of events, but also to put into action new ideas, taking into account the cultural interests of its community.
Another main objective is to offer a channel of expression and participation to the community, especially to those who, having the skills, find no other way of developing them. An interactive relationship with the communities of the area has allowed the UNICEN to provide programs and, besides, work together with other institutions, entities, artists, etc. in the development of varied courses and workshops.

The Culture Secretary, thus, offers programs that are open to the community:

  • Workshop on Artistic Make-up and Drama Characterization.
  • Workshop on Drama.
  • Workshop on Salsa Dance.
  • Workshop on Dancing Rhythms.
  • Workshop on Tango Dance.
  • Workshop on Arabian Dances.
  • Workshop on Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung.
  • Workshop on Guitar.
  • Workshop on Gardening.
  • Workshop on Local Cooking.
  • Workshop on Weaving Loom and Tapestry.
  • Course–workshop on Fabrics and Print.
  • Course–workshop on Fashion Design.
  • Workshop on Native Design Weaving.
  • Course on Graphic Design.
  • Course-workshop on Photography and Image Processing, among others.

Information and registration:

Extension Secretary

Yrigoyen 662 – Ground Floor
7000 Tandil, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tel: +54-249-4444555 ext. 3
Email: talleres [at] rec [dot] unicen [dot] edu [dot] ar