The System of Libraries at the UNICEN is composed by the Central Library, located in the Rector's Building, the one in Olavarria and Azul. Besides, the institutes, laboratories and departments of the different Faculties have their own specialized libraries. Each one possesses an on line Data Base, and all of them make up the net of the system.

The bibliographical fund sums more than 75000 books and 546 titles of periodic publications. Since 1988, there is a digital hemeroteca, named "The Proquest", which has more than 400 titles of periodic publications of the best level in complete texts, bibliographical reference of 2000 titles and four specialized data bases which can be accessed by the internet through the Library site from any computer at the University.

In the Central Library the readers have a sector of collections with direct access. This allows the people to be in contact with the bibliography needed and know the different existent books about the same topic. Students can consult by the internet, in specially configured computers and check their e-mail.

The complete catalogue and news can be seen in the following site: